Ardmore Recycles: First recycling collection event a success

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Volunteers help sort recycling at Ardmore's first recycling event on Saturday, June 26.
Containers for recycling are set out and volunteers help sort.

On Saturday morning, residents from across the area turned up to Thompson Square to drop off their recycling. The event was hosted by the Ardmore Beautification Council in conjunction with Replenysh, and a variety of items such as cardboard, plastics, aluminum and steel cans were collected.

ABC Executive Director Julie Maher said she was pleased with the turnout.

“I think it turned out great and I was very happy with the outcome,” Maher said. “I was very pleased that everyone was patient and they were all willing to help.”

One thing she found surprising about the event was the age demographic of most participants.

“I would say 90% of the people who came through were over the age of 60,” Maher said. “The younger generations really need to step it up a bit. So many young people say that they want to do something for the environment, but we need to see some action on their part.”

Fortunately they will have their chance to recycle again on July 10 when another collection event is set for Thompson Square from 10 a.m. to noon. Once again they will be collecting aluminum cans, cardboard, HDPE plastics, glass bottles, PET plastics and steel cans.

In addition to recycling people can also volunteer to help out at the event.

“If you have a group of people in a civic organization, a church group, or event just a group of friends who would like to get together and help out your community, we need people to work at the event,” Maher said. “We’’ll be needing four or five people to help that Saturday morning, and of course we need as many people as possible to bring their recycling.”

While the volunteers will be at the event to help people as they drop off their recycling, the event itself is not necessarily set up to be a drive through event where those dropping off recycling do not have to get out of their car.

“It would be really helpful if people could park and then dump their things into the bins we have set up for the different items,” Maher said. “Of course we’re going to be there to help you, and we’re happy to help anyone with a disability, but if you’re able to help by dumping your own recycling we would really appreciate it.”

For more information about the upcoming recycling collection event as well as information about how to become a volunteer visit