Marietta firefighter steps in action after lightning strikes a hole in a house

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

A Marietta volunteer firefighter quickly responds after lightning strikes a house. 

Marietta firefighter Cole Reed said he and his family had just sat down to have dinner when the lightning struck. 

“We just finished cooking dinner,” Reed said. “We sat down at our dinner table, and [the house] was directly across from our house. We had our big windows open. My back was facing the window, and my wife’s was facing the window. As soon as it hit, the flash through our window was very bright. It was very loud.” 

Reed said he knew the lightning hit something, and although he wasn’t completely sure, he had a gut feeling the house across from him got hit. When Reed went to check on the house, he saw the hole on top of the house and called the homeowner. 

Reed then entered the house to make sure nothing was on fire. He then called the Marietta fire engine. 

“We checked everything over with the thermal imager camera to make sure nothing was hot and on fire,” Reed said. “We covered the hole up, so we could save my neighbor's property.” 

Reed said to prepare for weather damage it’s important to include items like tarps, nail gun, staple gun, plastic sheeting and duct tape. 

“If something happened like that to anybody, most people don’t have a tarp handy,” Reed said. “It would be handy to have a tarp to put up there to at least save most of your property.”