Wilson Police recover meth in two different stops over the holiday weekend

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Wilson Police allegedly recovered methamphetamine during two different arrests during the Fourth of July weekend. 

Wilson Police Chief Kevin Coley said the first discovery happened July 3 when an officer stopped a vehicle after it allegedly failed to yield the right of way. While on the traffic stop, the officer then asked for ID, and the driver reportedly said she couldn’t find it. The officer was able to find her information from the patrol car and found that the driver allegedly had a possible warrant through California. 

The officer then reportedly asked if he could search the car, and the driver consented. During the search, the officer allegedly found a black bag containing paraphernalia and what later tested positive for methamphetamine. The driver was then arrested for possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia. 

The second arrest happened the next day on July 4. Coley said officers stopped the vehicle for having a headlight out. Officers then allegedly asked if there was anything he should be concerned about in the car, and the driver reportedly said no. 

“He asked for consent to search,” Coley said. “The driver said yes, and all the passengers exited the vehicle. The backseat passenger had a bag in her hand, and he asked if could search the bag. She tossed him the bag and said ‘you might as well take me to jail.’”

Inside the bag, officers reportedly found methamphetamine, numerous lighters, a pipe and baggies. Officers also allegedly found more baggies in a pair of shorts that the suspect was sitting on and a scale. The suspect was charged with possession with intent to distribute. 

Coley said they decided to charge the second suspect with intent to distribute after finding the baggies and scale.

“The first one was probably, by looking at it, a gram,” Coley said. “The second one was probably two to three grams. I don’t think they’ve test weighted it yet. OSBI will do that.” 

Coley said the second arrest was charged with intent to distribute because of the scale and several baggies found. 

“The second one she had multiple clean baggies, and it wasn’t like she used them and kept the baggies.” Coley said. “With the scale and the baggies, we decided to charge her for intent to distribute. Now whether the district attorney will consider that to be enough or not, that’s up to him.” 

Right as officers were wrapping up the second methamphetamine stop, a vehicle reportedly almost hit him. Officers noticed the car was swerving. 

Once officers got the vehicle to stop, the driver allegedly said he had a couple of drinks earlier and was arrested for driving under the influence. Coley said the police department didn’t receive a lot of calls over the holiday weekend, and since the officers patrol a lot, they were able to keep the calls down.