Wayfind signs delayed again

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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The installation of a series of wayfind signs designed to point visitors and residents to various cultural and economic attractions around the city has been delayed yet again. This time they were not able to be installed because of having the incorrect components on hand.

Problems with the wayfind signs began in 2018 when the signs first arrived in the wrong color. The problem was eventually corrected, and signage in the correct color arrived in 2019 but installation was ultimately delayed because of coronavirus.

Earlier this year the city commission voted to award a contract for installation to United Signs, LLC out of Norcross, Ga. in the amount of $35,290. City Engineer Thomas Mansur said once the team arrived in Ardmore, they discovered it was going to cost more because they could not install the signs with the components on hand.

“They came to town fully mobilized and they were able to determine that contrary to what we all believed, the base plates that we had on hand and the breakaway column connections were not satisfactory to connect to the signage face itself,” Mansur said. “We asked what it would take to execute the contract to make that connection work, and their estimate for the total contract as it was plus the changes would amount to $50,000 which would make the change order more than what is allowed by law.”

City commissioners voted to cancel the contract and pay the company $16,750 for services rendered, and the project will go out for bid again in the near future.