Ardmore Mayor resigns: Vice-Mayor steps into role of mayor

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Mayor Beth Glasgow resigned from her position as mayor late Wednesday afternoon. Per the city charter, Vice-Mayor Sheryl Ellis will now take on the role of mayor and the commissioners will elect a new vice mayor on Monday during their regularly scheduled meeting.

Changes are underway at the Ardmore City Commission as Mayor Beth Glasgow handed in her resignation last week. In a letter dated July 14, Glasgow outlined her reasons for leaving and resigned from her position as mayor, commissioner for the Northwest Ward, and chairperson for the Ardmore Public Works Authority.

“Having recently remarried and recently receiving court approval to relocate with my three beloved children to the state of Arkansas, it is with a mix of emotions that I hereby resign the following positions effective 4:00 today,” Glasgow wrote.

City Manager Kevin Boatright said that per the city charter, the position of mayor will now be filled by Vice-Mayor Sheryl Ellis.

“We're very fortunate in this case to have commissioner Ellis step up,” Boatright said. “She's great at her job, and she's been mayor several times during her many years on the commission. She's very familiar with how the city government works, and she's very thorough in her questioning and wants to hear all sides of an issue so that she can make the right decision.”

Boatright said that now that Ellis is in the position of mayor, the other commissioners will vote amongst themselves to elect the new vice mayor. According to the city charter, while the citizens vote to elect the commissioners who each represent a specific ward of the city, the commissioners themselves then vote for the position of mayor and vice-mayor. Each commissioner is elected for a three-year term, and each mayor or vice-mayor serving a one-year term.

In the coming weeks the commissioners will also be busy finding someone to appoint to the city commission to take Glasgow's spot representing the Northwest Ward.

“Per our city charter, it will be up to the four city commissioners to fill her unexpired term,” Boatright said. “This will only be for a few months because her term was already set to expire next spring during the next election cycle.”

Boatright said he has confidence in the remaining four members of the Ardmore City Commission.

“We are very fortunate that we have four commissioners who are willing to do a good job,” Boatright said. “I know that Sheryl Ellis is going to make a great mayor. I also have a lot of confidence in the experience and expertise of Doug Pfau, who has done an excellent job on the commission for many years now. Of course the two others are still both fairly new, but they've been quick studies.”