High temperatures and low chances of rain expected in Carter County

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Carter County is expected to see high temperatures with low chances of rain this week. 

Phillip Ware, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, said temperatures will top out in the mid to high 90s throughout the entire week. 

The National Weather Service is planning to roll out new severe thunderstorm warning categories starting August 2. Ware said the severe thunderstorm warning has been split into three different categories based on the potential impact to life and property, 

“We define a severe thunderstorm based on wind size and potential hail size,” Ware said. “So based on how high the wind will be and how big the hail will be will determine what category of severe thunderstorm warning gets sent out.”

The three categories are destructive, considerable and base. Destructive damage threat is at least baseball size or 2.75 inch diameter of hail and 80 mph thunderstorm winds. Storms that fall in the destructive category automatically activate an emergency alert on phones within the warned area. 

The criteria for considerable damage threat is hail golf ball sized  1.75 inch in diameter and/or 70 mph thunderstorm wind, and quarter sized one inch in diameter or 58 mph thunderstorm wind falls in the base category. 

Ware said the main reason for the new categories was to distinguish between extremely dangerous storms.

“All severe thunderstorms are dangerous, but we wanted to save the last category for the one that could be most serious and have the most potential for significant injury or even death if you’re caught,”  Ware said. “We really wanted to have this special category for the most severe thunderstorm that will be able to alert everyone on their phones.”