Ardmore police, Parks Department team up for free community pool party

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite

This Friday evening the Ardmore Police Department will be teaming up with Ardmore Parks and Recreation to host a free community pool party. In addition to free admission to the Ardmore Community Water Park, the event will also include free snow cones, free hotdogs, and a chance for kids to meet K-9 Rip and look at the police cars.

Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Alicia Henry said the impetus for the pool party came after the police department reached out about joining forces to host a community event.

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“They approached us and wanted to to collaborate with an event at the Community Water Park because it's so hot outside,” Henry said. “July is our National Parks and Recreation Month, and we said we would love to team up to have an extra event this year.”

As the plans started to come together the police department also reached out to other business around the community about taking part. Snow Blizzard offered to provide free snow cones, and the Sammich Shak will be providing free hotdogs and juice. Both businesses are volunteering their services and time at no cost to the city.

In addition to the free admission and free snacks, Friday evening will also be a good time to visit the water park because the park will be closed to the public after Sunday, August 1 and will remain open for one more week only for private parties.

Henry said this will be a great opportunity to come out, meet some of the local police officers, and have a great time.

“As Parks and Recreation staff, we get to be out in the community having all of these positive events, but the police department doesn't always get to do that,” she said. “So this is a great way for them to create those positive interactions and get to know the public.”