Pergola in Central Park undergoing repairs after vandalism earlier this year

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Workers clean and repair the pergola at Central Park. Vandals damaged several balusters earlier this year.

The pergola at Central Park is currently undergoing repairs after vandalism damaged a portion of the structure earlier this year. Four balusters on the east side of the structure were knocked out, and two were completely smashed during the vandalism. Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said because the structure is a unique historic building, it took months to get the pieces needed to make the repairs.

“First we had to get the guy from Midwest Cast Stone out of Oklahoma City to come down and get one of our balusters, so he could send it to a place in Arizona so they could make a mold,” Ervin said. “Once that was done they sent it back to Oklahoma City so it could be poured. Then we had to get someone else to come down and install it. So it took me months to find someone who could do it because it's such a specialty item. Then it took more time on top of that to schedule the work.”

Ervin said the damage was reported to the police department, but no arrests have been made because there is no proof of who might have done it. The repairs cost approximately $6,000.

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This photo shows some of the damage done this winter. Four balusters were knocked out. Two were then smashed entirely.

In addition to the damaged caused by vandalism, other sections of the structure also needed repairs due to the wear and tear caused by children and teens climbing on top of the building.

“We have to run kids off it all the time,” Ervin said. “It's a historical building, and people need to treat it as such. It's a structure that needs to be used how it's intended, as a stage area. It's not a play area. So people do not need to be climbing on top and swinging off of it because it tears it down.”

Ervin said the repairs are expected to be completed by the weekend, and the entire structure will also be thoroughly cleaned to make it look as good as new. It will be completely ready to go in time for Concert in the Park featuring Zack Crow this Saturday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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