Oxford House asking for donations for its new Ardmore and Ada houses

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Oxford House is seeking donations for its two new men’s houses in Ardmore and Ada. The Ada home, Oxford House Achaka, will house seven men and officially opened August 1, and Oxford House Truegirt, the home in Ardmore, will house eight men and opens September 1. 

Whitney Anderson with Oxford House said the organization needs couches, dressers, washers and dryers, living room and dining room furniture and kitchen items such as pots, pan, dish sets and cooking utensils. 

“We get a certain amount to open up a house, but it's just not enough for us to furnish a whole house for seven to 10 people,” Anderson said. “Beds are expensive, so that’s usually the first thing I try to get, so they have somewhere to sleep when they get in there. Being able to get the utilities and the deposit started uses a big chunk of the money that we start with.”

Oxford House provides people recovering from alcoholic and drug addiction with housing and rehabilitative support. The houses are democratically run and financially self-supporting sober living homes that offer a safe environment where individuals can work on their recovery program. Residents have access to accountability, structure and 24-hour peer support.

“The individual has to turn in an application,” Anderson said. “There is an interview process with the other members in the household. They have to be voted in, and then they can move into their home. We have a family environment in our homes.” 

Each resident is required to have a job, must be working a recovery program, avoid disruptive behavior and stay on top of their expenses. Residents are allowed to stay as long as they need to. Anderson said if a member stays in an Oxford House for 12 to 18 months, their chances of remaining sober is 87%. 

“Resources in the rural areas are very minimal,” Anderson said. “The need for substance abuse treatment and recovery housing is definitely needed. We currently have houses in both towns that consistently stay full. Providing a safe place for the struggling alcoholic or drug addict to recover is our ultimate goal.”

Interested donors can reach out to Anderson at 405-519-1910 and whitney.anderson@oxfordhouse.org for more information on donations and the donation site.