Healdton Police Department warns of bank scam

Plamedie Ifasso
The Daily Ardmoreite

Healdton Police Department warns of bank and credit card scams occurring in the area. 

Healdton Police Chief Robert Clark said the department has about seven official reports of money about $100 or $200 being removed from a person’s bank account.

“What they’re doing is they might try to pay a bill, and they were unable to pay the bill,” Clark said. “So, they went online to check their account because they should have had money to pay, but then they found out they were cleaned out.”

Clark suspects that people have fallen victim to a skimming scam. Skimming occurs when a device is installed to ATMs, fuel pumps and point of sale terminals to capture the cardholder’s information. Clark said the common denominator is that each of the victims used their card to get gas and paid at the pumps.

“We get [bank scam] reports every now and then,” Clark said. “But then we heard of another, and then we heard of another. Then we had taken three or four reports on [the scams], and that’s why I put that thing out on Facebook, so that businesses can be aware to check their machines. We went around to local agencies within jurisdiction. We called local businesses in the jurisdiction to make them aware.”

Clark said the department is currently following up a lead in Oklahoma City and has reached out to Lighthorse Police Department and the state for assistance. Clark suggests that people pay more attention to the card readers. 

“Just see if it looks funny,” Clark said. “If you don’t feel comfortable, just go inside and pay. If it’s after hours, just look at the machine and give it a glance. If they don’t look right, don’t do it, and if you see anything, report it to the business. 99 times out of 100, it’s not the business doing it. Somebody will pull up, attach the skimmer, drive away and then come back and get it.”