City of Ardmore issues 28 building permits for new homes in Indian Plains

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
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The City of Ardmore has recently issued 28 building permits worth a combined $5,107,410 for new homes in the upcoming Indian Plains addition located at 5035 Myall Road. According to property developer Lance Windel these homes are to be the first of 93 spread over approximately 31 acres.

The dimensions of the new homes range in size from 1,500-square feet to 2,255-square feet and the construction amounts range between $157,500 to $236,775. Windel said these homes and the other homes that will be built in the future will be very similar to those located in Hickory Ridge, with some of the homes even having the same floor plans used as those in Hickory Ridge because they proved to be popular models.

Windel said he hopes to get started on construction within the next 30 days but is unsure of the exact date because his construction crews are spread out in places such as Colorado, Missouri and Broken Bow working on other projects. Once construction begins, he estimates it will take about six months before homes start closing and people begin moving in.