Ardmore Piano Studio opens its doors: Studio to offer piano lessons and lessons on Korean language

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Minwoo Park stands beside the practice piano in the recently opened Ardmore Piano Studio. Park, who is currently working on a doctorate in piano performance, will offer piano lessons as well as lessons in his native Korean language.

Anyone wanting to learn the piano, whether they be children or adults who want to develop the skill, will now have the opportunity at the recently opened Ardmore Piano School. Lessons will be taught by instructor Minwoo Park who has received his master's degree in Piano Performance from Western Michigan University and is currently working on his doctorate from the University of Alabama. He will also be offering lessons in his native Korean language.

Park said he first began learning piano at the age of five at the encouragement of his mother.

"In South Korea the parents are very passionate about kids' education," Park said. "At the time I was young, piano was a big trend. Even though my family was not rich and did not have the money to afford private lessons, my mom was able to push me into group lessons."

Park said he was never the most talented student in his piano classes, but he kept with it and did not quit — something he stresses to his own students.

"I was not the most talented person, but I just kept playing," Park said. "I saw very good piano students in elementary school, middle school and high school but everyone quit. I just kept going, and now I've almost got my doctoral degree. That's what I always tell to my students — even those working on a second language. Just keep going."

Park came to the United States in 2012 and studied English at the University of Oklahoma. From there he went on to study piano performance in Michigan and later Alabama. While at OU, he also met his wife Laila whose family lives in Ardmore. It was that connection that brought him here to open his studio.

Park currently offers individual lessons but plans on offering group lessons in the near future once the pianos he has on back order — pianos are another item currently experiencing supply chain issues due to the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns — have arrived. The group lessons will be less expensive and will give students an idea of whether or not they wish to continue lessons.

He will also be offering classes in the Korean language. He has taught Korean online for several years but decided to offer in-person lessons after some people expressed interest. He currently has two students in the Ardmore area.

"I didn't know if there would be any interest in doing (Korean) lessons in Ardmore, but I've seen some," Park said. "I think for the longest time people were more interested in learning Chinese or Japanese. But nowadays with K-pop bands like BTS and Korean drama becoming more and more popular, people want to learn more about the culture. So I'm happy to teach Korean to help the Ardmore community, and it's also a good way to promote my home country too."

He said his ultimate goal is to expand his studio to include more spaces for individual and group lessons as well as bring in other instructors to teach instruments other than the piano.

The Ardmore Piano Studio is located at 515 N. Washington St. For information about scheduling lessons in either piano or Korean visit or cal 580-340-2255.