City makes changes to medical cannabis, alcohol ordinances

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite

The Ardmore City Commission meeting began with two public hearings on Monday evening concerning amendments to the city's code of ordinances concerning medical marijuana and the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption. The changes in the code were put into place to make city ordinances comply with recently passed legislation on medical marijuana and to be more in line with the practices of the ABLE commission.

No one showed up to speak either in favor or opposition to any of the changes, and both ordinances were passed by the commission.

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Community Development Director Jessica Scott said public hearings were also held by the planning commission on September 9, but no one spoke at that meeting either. Both changes were approved unanimously by the planning commission.

"We sent out letters to all of the medical marijuana businesses on our list outlining all of the changes just to give them a heads up," Scott said. "We really want to work together, and we've had input in the past from the businesses that has actually changed our ordinances. However we had no one in attendance, and I received no letters, no feedback."

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While the changes to the medical marijuana code are relatively minor, the changes in the alcohol code only pertain to the expiration date of businesses' permits.

"Originally when the ABLE Commission was changing the laws there was some speculation that they would have all their permits expire on September 1," Scott said. "When we wrote the ordinance we did the same, but they have not done that and have kept it on the rolling calendar. So we're our going to keep ours on a rolling calendar as well so it doesn't negatively affect our businesses."

All changes to the codes were reviewed by the city attorney who recommended no changes.