Animal shelter sees over 130 intakes during first week of October

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
Gremlin is a special needs puppy currently residing at the shelter who will soon be headed to New York City. Both Gremlin and his mother suffer from blindness, and the NYC-based Hearts and Bones Rescue will be transporting the pair and several other dogs on Wednesday to find homes in the BIg Apple.

The Ardmore Animal Shelter is currently seeing a massive influx of animals. As of Friday afternoon, 139 animals had already been taken in during the month of October, and many of these come from multiple litters of kittens. 

Shelter Supervisor Amanda Dinwiddie said the kitten nursery is full, and they are currently looking for volunteers to help foster some of the kittens until they are old enough to return to the shelter for adoption.

"Breeding season is supposed to slow down in the fall, but it really hasn't," Dinwiddie said. "Last year it kind of did the same thing, and we never really saw much of a slowdown with the litters coming in. We definitely have lots of kittens, and our nursery is full again. We actually have only a few adult cats, and the vast majority are kittens."

In addition to felines, there are also several dogs currently available for adoption. Because October is Nation Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, all canine adoptions are $35 all month long. As with all the animals at the shelter, the adoption fee will include spaying or neutering, initial vaccinations and a wellness exam."

Dinwiddie said the various partnerships the shelter has developed with other rescue organizations around the country continue to be successful in transporting animals to other areas of the country to find new homes. In fact, several animals will be headed to New York City later this week courtesy of Hearts and Bones Rescue.

"They have been an absolutely great to work with, and they come through every couple of weeks," she said. "We follow them on Facebook and it's so cool to see our animals in a totally different setting in the big city with all of those tall buildings. They look so happy and so loved."

Two of the animals headed to New York will be a blind puppy along with his mother who is also blind in one eye. A litter of neonatal kittens will also be on the trip along with several other dogs. Later on this month another rescue pull will be heading to Illinois and Iowa.

Dinwiddie said the rescue pulls generally only take dogs because even though the shelters in the North need dogs, the cat population is exploding everywhere.

"Everyone is facing the same situation we are with cat's because they can reproduce at such an alarming rate," she said. "Some of those shelters literally have no dogs available, and so they can only transport the animals they need."

The Ardmore Animal Shelter is located at 321 Carol Brown Blvd. and is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. All dog adoptions are $35 through the end of the month and will then return to the regular cost of $65. Cat adoptions are $45.