Good Soup: Fourth annual United Way fundraiser brings community agencies, volunteers together

Wulf James-Roby
The Daily Ardmoreite
Fourth Annual United Way Souper fundraiser set for November 1

This year marks the fourth annual Souper fundraiser. This event will be hosted from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 1 by Legal Aid of Southern Oklahoma. Polly Goodin, the managing attorney for the office said their location at 14 E St. SW, adjacent to Central Park in downtown Ardmore, as well as the availability of ample parking, makes the most sense in light of COVID-19 concerns.  

“We’ve all partnered together to meet as many community needs as we can, but there’s always going to be cracks. It’s a difficult time for people. I don’t think others realize just how difficult it is to get basic needs met. Things like food, shelter, and utilities are a big problem right now. As we move from the heat of summer to the cold of winter, many may be surprised just how far their dollar can spread in local fundraisers like our local United Way. 

“We are setting up a Venmo and Paypal, so people can pay that way instead of handling a bunch of cash and checks,” Goodin said. Tickets are $10 each and orders of 5 or more can be delivered by request. “Pre-orders are being taken by email, so it won’t take long at all to come in either of the doors here and pick up orders.” A group of foreign exchange students will be helping out by running orders as well.  

As always, the event is collaborative. Several local nonprofit agencies will be assisting with the cooking, desserts, packing orders and of course, serving up soup. “We’re doing this in conjunction with Catholic Charities, Camp Fire, MEAPS, and the Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma.” Currently, five soups are on the menu: Loaded Potato, Chicken Noodle, Chicken Crack, Cowboy Stew and  Chili. Meals will come complete with either a roll, crackers or cornbread, as well as dessert and bottled water. “We appreciate having orders placed ahead. Each staff member who is cooking soup makes two crock pots full of whichever soup they’re assigned.  

“If it turns out that we need more of one thing than another, we can do that.  One of the staff attorneys makes the Chicken Crack — a creamy chicken soup with a kick — and it has sold out every year.” 

“Last year’s event landed on the first really chilly day of fall,” Goodin said. “So that worked out perfectly. We’re hoping for a repeat of that this year.”  

Goodin said this a good way for those who are part of smaller agencies to collaborate and raise funds for the United Way. “I believe the goal tracking thermometer in Central Park was not quite at 30%,” Goodin said. “Coming to eat soup with us is one of many ways to help support the local United Way.” 

Pre-orders should be sent to Group orders of five or more can be delivered by request. All other orders may be picked up at the Legal Aid office on November 1.