Fun and learning come together on Rock Your School Day at Plainview elementary

Wulf James-Roby
The Daily Ardmoreite

Primary school is an adventure in itself. Today for pre-k through second graders at Plainview Elementary, teachers and staff worked hard to put together a very special series of lessons for National Rock Your School Day.  

Lisa Moore, principal of Plainview Primary Elementary School, said the teachers put in a lot of hours to make this day memorable for their students, some even investing time over Fall Break. “Teachers brainstorm together and each year activities are tailored to meet the needs and learning styles of the students in each classroom,” Moore said. “They are very excited to provide great experiences for our kids.” 

Moore said Pre-K has plans for a nature hike and exploring. Kindergarten classrooms have been receiving projects in special deliveries. “For example, this morning I delivered a suitcase to a classroom with a scarecrow that was not put together,” Moore said. “It had a letter that said ‘Please help me, I was taken apart last year and now I need you to work as a team to put me together.’  These team building projects help the kids cultivate skills and learn how to communicate better while having tons of fun.  

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Plainview Second graders excavate chocolate chip 'artifacts.'

"Our first grade team has the bat cave going today,” Moore said. The hallways and classrooms are decorated to look like caves and dark forests, where the nocturnal creatures the children have been studying live. The kids sported head lamps in darkened classrooms, where they participated in activities like dissecting owl pellets, examining parts and different species of bats, and other hands on learning experiences. “They are participating in menagerie of things, encompassing art and science and mathematics and history, and just bringing it all together,” Moore said.

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Second grade park rangers and junior archeologists are exploring a different landscape. Jurassic Park and safari themed décor has made its mark on their hallways. Students worked on assembling ‘bones’ made of cotton swabs, clay fossils, and a few different ‘archeological digs.’ The classroom favorite seemed to be the extraction of chocolate chip ‘artifacts’ from cookies. Students used tweezers to carefully remove the chips and then, as student William Brooks said, “We get to eat the artifacts!” 

Moore said the fun aspects of the day are memorable for the students, and for the teachers, the opportunity to integrate that with science, math, and reading brings it all together.