Local leaders reflect on their reasons to be thankful

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite

Whether spending the day with family and friends or having a quiet day alone, Thanksgiving is a time to contemplate the many reasons we all have to be thankful. While most would agree that this year has been an improvement over 2020, it has not been without its challenges. However, there is still much to thankful for. With that in mind, here are a few reasons some of our local leaders are thankful this Thanksgiving.

Ardmore Fire Chief Cary Williamson said he is most thankful for his health, his family and his coworkers.

"This year I am thankful for my health as well as that of my family," Williamson said. "I am also thankful to work with a group of people who are extremely dedicated to doing their best for the citizens of Ardmore."

Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said she is most thankful for her supportive family.

"I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our community," Ervin said. "I am also thankful for aa family that has always supported me, volunteered for me, and been patient with me during long hours, late nights and early mornings. They are the best."

Community Development Director Jessica Scott said she is thankful to live in such a great community and work with such talented individuals.

"I'm thankful for all my coworkers at the City of Ardmore who contribute everyday to making Ardmore a better place," Scott said. "I'm also thankful for the continued dedication and support from the city commission and city leaders. During this pandemic, I'm thankful for my availability to healthcare, the vaccine, and all of our community's devoted health care workers."

City Commissioner Nancy Sjulin said she too is thankful to live and work in Ardmore.

"I am always thankful for family and friends, my work and my church family," Sjulin said. "This year I’m thankful for a brand-new opportunity, and it’s been my honor and pleasure to serve Ardmore as a City Commissioner since August. I have a newfound awareness of the city commissioners roles, the city manager, and the staff within the City of Ardmore. I am grateful and thankful for all their time, passion, dedication and kindness. I love being a part of something so amazing. They make Ardmore a better place to live, work and play every day."