Santa's Mailbox in Broadlawn Park destroyed by vandalism

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite
The interior of Santa's Mailbox in Broadlawn Park as filled with clods of dirt and other garbage. The lock was so damaged the parks department was forced to break it to retrieve the letters that had already been sent by children.

Every year a mailbox appears in Central Park that offers a direct line to Santa, and he even responds to the letters he receives. To help spread the joy, this year the Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department installed a second Santa's Mailbox at Broadlawn Park. Unfortunately, the second mailbox was completely destroyed by a neighborhood grinch within days of going out.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said she is extremely disappointed by the situation.

"We like to spread our activities around to all our parks, and we wanted to put out another Santa's Mailbox in Broadlawn Park so that children who maybe aren't able to get to Central Park could still write to Santa," Ervin said. "We put it there to make a special moment in a child's life, but two days later it was totally destroyed."

The mailbox was placed on Friday, and the damage took place over the weekend. Ervin said all the decorations were completely ripped off, and dirt, mud and clothing were stuffed inside. The vandal or vandals also damaged the lock so badly it will have to be removed entirely in order to get to the letters inside.

"It looks like there are two letters in there, so we'll have to break it open to make sure those letters get to Santa so he can write them a letter back," she said.  

Ervin said the mailbox is damaged beyond repair, and will not be returning to Broadlawn Park this year. Fortunately, the Santa's Mailbox in Central Park is still available. Any child who would like to receive a letter from Santa should include their Christmas wishlist along with a self addressed, stamped envelope into the box at Central Park by December 17. 

"Santa's taking time out of his busy season to help us out, and he will personally write back to every child who drops a letter off," Ervin said.