Fixing the floods: City approves stormwater drainage study

Drew Butler
The Daily Ardmoreite

The Ardmore City Commission voted Monday evening to enter into an agreement with Garver Engineering to conduct a comprehensive study of the city's stormwater drainage system and identify issues and solutions related to flooding. City Engineer Thomas Mansur described what the study will entail.

"Basically the idea is to have a fresh set of eyes come in to study the stormwater system of the city and familiarize themselves with the lay of the land and all of the various creeks and channels, storm drains and pipelines to determine where they are problems," Mansur said. "Once those problems are identified, they'll look at the options of how we can eliminate those problems and assign a cost to them. The last thing they'll do is help to organize those problems into a list with priorities of what needs to be done first."

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Ardmore police wade through flood waters at the intersection of South Commerce Street and Stanley Avenue during a flash flood in September 2020. The City of Ardmore approved a master stormwater drainage study to help identify and prioritize the solutions to flooding issues.

The study will begin within the next couple of weeks when a consultant from Garver Engineering meets with Mansur and Assistant City Engineer Josh Randell. The city will share geographical survey data along with a list of known flooding areas and the history of floods in those areas. From there Gaarvner will be doing more survey work and mapping to analyze the known issues and identify any new ones.

The preliminary report will be completed within 180 days of the project's beginning, and Mansur said he is hopeful the entire study will be finished by the end of the year. From there the company will work with the commission and city engineers to determine how to pay for the work to correct all of the issues. 

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Mansur pointed out that the city will not be placing all work on stormwater drainage on hold until the study is complete.

"This doesn't mean that we're not doing anything in the interim," he said. "Right now we're doing some engineering work for the storm sewer on the east side of Commerce between 6th and 12th (Avenues). The idea of this study is to help quantify and codify our problems and create an overall plan on how to best move forward."