Norman woman facing charges after allegedly attempting to cash stolen check at Ardmore bank

Sierra Rains
Casey Michelle Boyd

A Norman woman is facing felony charges after allegedly attempting to cash a stolen check at an Ardmore bank Tuesday afternoon.

Officers with the Ardmore Police Department reportedly connected the incident with a prior crime in which mail was stolen out of a local resident’s mailbox.

APD Capt. Claude Henry said officers were dispatched to the local bank in the 1400 block of 12th Avenue Northwest on May 12. An employee had reportedly become alarmed by a customer, later identified as 30-year-old Casey Michelle Boyd, who was trying to cash a $3,000 check.

“She noticed that the check resembled fraudulent writing on the check itself and so she contacted her supervisor and they contacted the police department,” Henry said.

While the bank was trying to hold Boyd at the location, she reportedly became nervous and left the area. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the bank employee and were able to identify Boyd as the suspect based on a driver’s license she had left at the bank.

“We were also able to get a description of the suspect’s vehicle that she was a passenger in when she left,” Henry said. “A little bit later officers saw a vehicle that matched the suspect vehicle and they initiated a traffic stop in the 1000 block of O Street Northwest.”

During the traffic stop, officers made contact with a male driver and the female suspect. Boyd was taken into custody at that time without incident and later booked into the Carter County jail for obtaining money by fraud.

“The male driver was interviewed and he was released from the scene,” Henry said. “He’s not suspected of committing any crime at this time.”

Approximately one day prior to the incident, Henry said a local resident had reported mail being stolen out of her mailbox. “She captured the crime on a surveillance camera at her residence,” he said.

The check Boyd attempted to cash at the bank reportedly contained the address of the victim who had reported her mail being stolen.

“So we were able to contact her and let her know that we had made contact and we had arrested the suspect in the mail theft,” Henry said.

Whenever officers performed a search incident to arrest Boyd, other articles of mail belonging to subjects in other jurisdictions were reportedly found in her purse.

“We are currently in talks with the postal inspector's office to see if they are going to want to pursue charges of mail theft on her,” Henry said.

Boyd is currently being held at the Carter County jail for the felony charge of uttering a forged instrument. Her bond is set at $1,000 and a preliminary conference is scheduled for July 23.