Texas man allegedly assaults four officers at Love County jail

Sierra Rains
Love County Justice Center

A Texas man allegedly assaulted four detention officers at the Love County jail while being booked in for public intoxication.

Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham said deputies took 40-year-old Ashiedu Lawrence Nwadiei of Galveston, Texas into custody at around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning for public intoxication.

Deputies believe Nwadiei may have been under the influence of drugs. However, the substance is undetermined at this time.

While being booked in at the Love County jail, Nwadiei allegedly “attacked” four detention officers. During the altercation one officer reportedly sustained a cut to their forehead and another suffered arm and hand injuries.

The two other officers involved did not sustain any injuries. All officers received medical attention and were treated for their injuries.

Grisham said it was fortunate that enough people were there to detain the suspect and that the injuries to both officers and the suspect were not much worse. “Our detention officers did a good job of detaining him and it could’ve been a lot worse,” he said.

Nwadiei is currently being held at the Love County jail for the misdemeanor charge of public intoxication, as well as four additional felony charges for assault and battery upon corrections personnel.

Nwadiei’s bail is set at $10,000. An initial appearance was completed on June 8 and a status hearing is set for July 8.