Man suffers severe injuries following small explosion near Lake Murray

Sierra Rains

A man reportedly suffered severe injuries in a small explosion near Lake Murray Friday morning.

At 10:41 a.m. on Jan. 24, Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Department Chief Charles Campbell said firefighters responded to a call concerning a burn victim at the 3300 block of County Line Road.

Campbell said the victim had reportedly been trying to burn a few cans of fruit and vegetables in a trash can when the cans blew up in his face.

“He put them in a trash can where they burned it and what causes that is the heat— when it gets to those cans it’ll build up pressure, just like you do with steam in a pressure cooker,” Campbell said. “Then once the steam builds up, the pressure has to come out somewhere.”

As a result of the small explosion, Campbell said the victim had facial injuries, including a cracked skull and jaw bone, cuts to his face, bleeding in his brain and damage to his right eye. The fire was put out and no one else was injured.

Campbell said the victim was transported to a hospital in Plano, Texas to be treated for his injuries and is currently in stable condition.

“They got him off a breathing machine and everything and he is doing real well, he’s talking to them and everything, but they don’t know about his right eye,” Campbell said. “It will be six to eight weeks until they know whether he’ll lose sight in it or not.”