Diversity Family Health opens Ardmore clinic

Drew Butler

Diversity Family Health Care opened the doors to its Ardmore clinic on Thursday in partnership with Lighthouse Behavioral Wellness Centers. The new clinic will offer primary care to all, with a special focus on the LGBTQ community.

Russell “Rusty” Rooms, MSM, APRN, PNP-BC, explained some of their services during a Zoom meeting with local health and community organizations on Wednesday.

“We do basic primary care for anybody, but we focus on the LGBTQ community by creating a space that is safe, free of discrimination, and free of shame and stigma where our patients can talk about their whole life,” Rooms said. “Our primary care is based on the issues of the culture that we focus on.”

One of their specializations focuses on the transgender community and offers biological hormone replacement therapy for male to female or female to male transitions.

“We operate under informed consent,” Rooms said. “If a patient is over 18, they can start hormone therapy. They aren’t required to have a mental health provider. However, we strongly encourage that if they don’t have one before they come to us, once they start coming to us for hormones they’re going to start having some emotions they didn’t necessarily have before. So we link them with someone in the mental health community that will be gender affirming and help with as they go through their journey.”

The clinic also specializes in HIV treatment and prevention by offering pre exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, which minimizes the chance of catching the virus. They also offer post exposure prophylaxis which can can be taken within the first 72 hours of exposure to HIV to hopefully prevent the patient from getting HIV.

Rooms said the clinic has programs that can make these medications available at low or no cost to the patient. He also stated patients’ initial visits are free. After the initial visit, they accept most forms of insurance and they also have programs to help cover the cost.

“We don’t want funding to be a reason that people don’t come,” Rooms said. “Lighthouse has some avenues, and we also have some other programs that can cover it. I would recommend that if a patient has questions funding they go ahead and set up an initial visit and we can discuss what we’ll need to do moving forward.”

Diversity Family Health will be open every other Thursday afternoon at 2530 S. Commerce St. in Ardmore, but they are hoping to expand hours once these fill up. To book an appointment visit https://www.diversityfamilyhealth.com, and select the Ardmore clinic to see the hours available.