Cold front gives way to warmer weather: After cold weekend, temperatures expected to get warmer

Drew Butler

After a cold and rainy start to the weekend everything will be warming up nicely this week. Bruce Choren, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman, said the Ardmore area did not receive the severe weather that impacted other areas of the state and received only a moderate amount of precipitation.

“We had some severe warnings in other parts of the state, but I don’t see that you guys got any of that,” Choren said. “There was some golfball sized hail up in the northeastern part of the state, but we’re not showing any of that in Ardmore. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there wasn’t anything, we just haven’t had any reports of it yet.”

Choren said Ardmore received around an inch and a half to two inches of rain on Friday, with most of that coming during the afternoon downpours. Precipitation totals increased in more eastern areas of the region with places such as Tishomingo receiving 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

Choren said the rain turned into freezing precipitation during the early hours of Saturday.

“The freeing precipitation was from about 4 to 6 in the morning, but a lot of that melted off pretty quickly,” Choren said. “I’m showing Thackerville got about half an inch of snow, and Bryan County got about a quarter inch of sleet, but it Ardmore it was a pretty small amount — about half an inch.”

Chores said that starting today the weather will be warming up once again with high temperatures in the 50s and 60s all week long.

“From Sunday though at least Wednesday, it should get rather warm again,” Choren said. “Then Thursday a pretty decent front will cool us back down a little bit. Then we’ll warm up again a little bit before another cold front moves in again late on Saturday.”

In spite of the two fronts, temperatures are not expected to get below freezing for the remainder of the week. It should be a sunny day today while the rest of the week is expected to be partly to mostly cloudy. A moderate chance of precipitation is forecast for Thursday and Friday.