A big dill for pickleball

Drew Butler

There’s a building boom taking place at Ardmore Regional Park. The Clubhouse is expected to open later this spring, and its many features are continuing to take shape with construction now underway on the main building and the treehouses. In addition to this project, the city will soon begin work on another new amenity, six new pickleball courts.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said the pickleball courts will be located near the south softball complex, and she hopes to begin construction in February or March. She also noted that several people have been working behind the scenes applying for grants to bring the project to life.

“We’ve received $100,000 from the Westheimer foundation, and another $35,500 from the Ardmore Institute of Health,” Ervin said. “We will also be receiving an in-kind donation from Overland Corporation of $104,000 who will be doing most of the foundation and the dirt work.”

Overland Corporation Project Manager Jerry McMahon said that though Overland Corporation will be organizing and overseeing the work being done, it will be a collaborative project with other local businesses. He noted that the company has worked on other joint projects in the past, such as when Overland and Brady Crane collaborated to move the Mercy Train to Depot Park.

“We’re going to tap into our local resources that have always been kind enough in the past to help out with materials, labor or even monetary amounts,” McMahon said. “I call this sweat equity.”

McMahon said it's particularly important to him that he’ll be working with other local companies to bring something nice to the area.

“I want to tap into the Ardmore and Carter County community to build this project,” McMahon said. “We work with a lot of different vendors, and we also have some subcontractors that we do a lot of work with as well. So I go to them and say I’ve got a project, can I get some rock or some concrete, then we go from there.”

Ervin said she’s excited to be bringing the pickleball courts to Regional Park.

“It’s going to be a great addition to the park, and I know so many people are going to enjoy it,” Ervin said. “It’s in a great location, so I think everyone coming in visiting or even just driving through is going to be able to see that we have it.”