Red light, green light: Ardmore moving forward on new traffic lights on Rockford Road

Drew Butler

The City of Ardmore will soon be proceeding with the installation of two new traffic lights on Rockford Road, one at Merrick Drive and one at 4th Avenue NW. The City Commission voted to approve both lights in August of 2018, and work will likely begin at Merrick Drive in late February with 4th Avenue beginning in April or May.

City Engineer Thomas Mansur said the bids for the Merrick Drive project were due Thursday afternoon, and he explained how the process would move forward from there.

“As long as all of the paperwork is straight, it will be on the City Commission Agenda for their meeting on February 3,” Mansur said. “Then we’ll send out the notice of awards, and they’ll have a week to 10 days to get their contract signed. After that they’ll get a notice to proceed sometime between the middle and the end of February.”

After that, the crew will be able to start on the project. Mansur said the poles for the lights normally have a lead time of around six weeks, but the crew will be able to do a great deal of preliminary work while they are waiting on the poles to arrive.

Mansur said the city’s purchasing department currently holds the bid package for 4th Avenue NW, and he expects that project to be advertised by the end of the month. This will put this project’s start date about six to eight weeks behind Merrick Drive.

“This one will be a little bit bigger of a project because it includes upgrades to the signals at Broadway and Rockford,” Mansur said. “We’ll be installing a new controller and a new video system for those lights as well as putting in the new lights on 4th Avenue.”