In the weeds: Ardmore cracking down on tall grass, weeds, standing bodies of water

Drew Butler
The City of Ardmore is cracking down on tall weeds and high grass that could potentially become havens for mice, snakes and insects.

With rain last week and more rain in the forecast for the days ahead, standing bodies of water can easily turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In order to prevent mosquito larvae from growing and multiplying, the city’s code enforcement officers have been out since April placing larvicide into stagnant bodies of water.

Director of Development Services Jessica Scott said her code enforcement officers carry the mosquito dunks with them in order to immediately treat the water for mosquitoes.

“Any kind of complaint that we get or any kind of stagnant body of water that we come across, we’re out putting the mosquito dunks in there,” Scott said. “The city is also going to start spraying for mosquitoes at dusk and dawn starting around June 15.”

Scott said code enforcement is also busy putting up yard signs to alert residents and business owners for high grass, low branches, or other code violations.

“We’re back to posting yellow signs in yards,” Scott said. “We kind of gave it a bit of a reprieve over the winter, but now with growing season starting back up we can only let it grow for so long. All of those high weeds and those old tires that hold a little bit of water become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And the mosquitoes will attract the field mice, and field mice will attract the snakes, and nobody wants that! So now’s the time for people to start tackling that.”

Scott said she currently has three code enforcement officers out issuing code violations. Two are assigned to residential cases, and one is assigned to commercial. Upon receiving a violation, people then have 10 days to take care of the problem. However the city is willing to work with people if they need more time to take care of the issue.

“We’re always happy to work with people to give them more time to come up with the resources to take care of their issue,” Scott said.

If the issue is still not resolved after the time frame has expired, the city will hire someone to take care of it and send a bill to the resident or property owner.

“Right now more people are at home, so hopefully that’s giving them a little bit more of an incentive to get lawn work done,” Scott said. “We’re just going out to help facilitate that.

To inform code enforcement about tall grass, stagnant pools, or any other possibly code violations within the City of Ardmore, contact the Ardmore Community Development Department at (580) 223-3477.