Looking for homes: Animal shelter brings in over 550 animals so far during May

Drew Butler
One of the many puppies waiting to be adopted at the Ardmore Animal Shelter. The shelter has taken in over 550 animals so far this month and currently over 200 are awaiting adoption.

It’s been a busy month at the Ardmore Animal Shelter. As of Wednesday afternoon, the shelter had brought in over 550 animals, and while many have been adopted or fostered out into homes, the massive influx is making the kennels crowded.

Executive Director Kasey Renteria said this many intakes is not unusual heading into the summer.

“During the summer months it’s not uncommon for us to get in well over 600 animals,” Renteria said. “So it’s like this every May, but I think we’re feeling it a little bit more this year because we were closed there for a while and had such a small amount coming in.”

Renteria said there are currently over 200 animals at the shelter waiting to be adopted. Around 400 animals have gone out the front door so far this month, but approximately 100 of these were from foster litters that will be returning to the shelter once they are old enough to adopt.

“We’re really doing well if you look at how many have left so far,” Renteria said. “But if you go back into the kennels, we’ve got at least two animals in each cage at this point. We’re reaching our max capacity, and we’re going to have to start euthanizing for space if we don’t get some of these animals out of here.”

To help facilitate extra adoptions, the shelter is currently running a couple of specials. Twenty-eight dogs are already spayed or neutered, and they can be adopted for $30 which is half the usual fee. The month of June is adopt-a-cat month, and they have started running a two-for-one deal on kittens early to help clear out all the litters they have received. Two kittens can be taken home for $40.

Renteria said litters of kittens and puppies are a major source of spring and summer intakes.

“It happens to us every spring and summer, and every summer we just want to cry because it’s nonstop litter after litter coming in all day long,” Renteria said. “Half the time they don’t have their mothers with them, so that leaves us to ask the community to please come and take these babies home to bottle-feed. We’ll supply everything a foster family needs to try to keep those babies alive and then bring them back to us when they’re old enough to adopt.”

For those who are not looking for another pet and do not have the time and space to take in a foster litter, Renteria said the shelter is always looking for supplies to help take care of the animals. Cleaning supplies in particular are always appreciated.

“Extra animals means extra cleaning, and like everyone else we’re cleaning even more than usual right now,” Renteria said. “So bleach is a big need. We use bleach pretty much every day all day — in our laundry, in our dishes and to clean off the bottom of our boots.”

Other needed cleaning supplies include dish soap and laundry detergent.