Coming up in downtown Ardmore

Drew Butler
109 W. Main St. in Ardmore will soon be the location of Black Mesa Company. The building will be completely renovated, and the expected opening date is later this fall.

Despite the shutdown and many businesses only recently beginning to reopen their doors, Main Street in Ardmore is about to experience another building boom. Two new buildings will be built to house a restaurant and bakery, and another downtown building will be undergoing renovations to become a new taproom.

Jeff DiMiceli, general manager of Ardmore Main Street Authority, outlined some of the upcoming changes Thursday afternoon during the AMSA board of trustees meeting.

Some of the biggest changes will soon be underway at the former location of Jim Tees. The owner of the building has recently returned to the area after living abroad and the process of turning the location into a restaurant will begin in the next couple of weeks.

“They’ve changed everything in the past month and a half” DiMiceli said. “They’ve got an architect out of Dallas working on the project and they’re bringing in a new construction company. In the last four weeks, they’ve completely turned the whole project around.”

DiMiceli said the original plan for the restaurant involved completely renovating the existing building, but upon closer examination that did not prove to be a viable option. The current building will instead be demolished and a new building will be put in its place.

“If everything goes through as planned, the building will start to come down within the next week and a half,” DiMiceli said. “Once that’s done, construction will start up within the next month to a month and a half, and they’re hoping to open up by mid August.”

DiMiceli said the new building will be designed to fit in with the rest of the block and maintain the historic character of the original building.

The owner of this building will also be building a new bakery in the location once slated to hold the pocket park, and this project will begin once the restaurant building is closer to complete.

Another major project will convert the former location of Gauntlet Fitness into a taproom.

“It’s going to be a franchise of the Black Mesa Brewing Company out of Norman,” DiMiceli said. “Black Mesa is going to come in and do a total remodel. So that should be open by this fall.”