The kids are all right

Drew Butler

LONE GROVE ?— Area FFA and 4-H Club students attended a special clinic at the Lone Grove Agricultural Barn on Saturday to learn about properly caring for their show goats. Over the course of the day, the students learned the correct way to wash and clip their goats’ hair as well as getting tips for proper showmanship.

The clinic was hosted by professional Blaine Rue, of Lexington, who hosts similar events all around the country.

“I’ve been raising goats since I was around nine years old,” Rue said. “I do clinics and also clip for a lot of breeders whether that’s in Oklahoma, Texas or Wyoming.”

While many of the students come from Lone Grove or Dickson, others came from as far away as Greenville or Tioga, Texas. They also ranged in experience, with some new to showing goats and others having shown for seven or eight years.

Learning how to properly groom their goats was one of the most valuable parts of the day because it can typically cost around $125 to get one groomed for a show, and some of these students show three or four goats at a time.

Rue said he enjoys being able to teach the youth skills they’ll need to succeed in the future.

“We’re out here helping the younger generation, and that’s the key, whether they’re 4-H or FFA,” Rue said. “I’m a firm believer that if you can help the younger generation, you’re helping out everyone’s future.”