City to resume water disconnections

Drew Butler

Beginning next week, the City of Ardmore will be resuming the disconnection of water service for customers delinquent on their bill. Shutoffs were temporarily suspended in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan and numerous past due accounts, the city felt it was time to resume disconnections.

Sandy Doughty, finance director for the City of Ardmore, said out of the approximately 11,500 customers currently receiving city water, over 700 have past due bills. When added together, these amount to approximately $65,000 in money owed to the city for services.

Sheila McLaughlin, water department customer service supervisor, said some of these accounts owe between $400-$500 dollars.

“Some of them already had bills that were two months past due, and then we stopped doing the turnoffs,” McLaughlin said. “So now, unfortunately, some of those bills are getting close to five months past due.”

Doughty encouraged anyone with a past due water bill to contact the water office at (580) 223-0784 to ask about setting up payment arrangements.

“We always want to give people a chance,” Doughty said. “With each billing cycle, they have the chance to call us up and make payment arrangements before we turn them off. But if we don’t hear from them, they will be turned off.”

In addition to resuming water disconnections, the city will also be revising its policy on past due bills. Starting July 1, customers can only carry over one month on their bill before service will be cut off. In the past, customers were allowed to carry over a two-month bill.