Sequoyah award returns to Ardmore

The Daily Ardmoreite

Rarely do we use this space to promote ourselves. Usually this space is dedicated to promoting the area or bringing attention to issues of concern to our community.

However, on Tuesday, The Ardmoreite was announced as the Oklahoma Press Association’s 2019 Better Newspaper Contest Sequoyah award winner for Division 2 — basically, we attained the honor of being named the best newspaper in our division in the state.

The award was a collective result of eight categories including news content, editorial writing, layout and design, photography, sports coverage, advertising, sales promotion and community leadership.

The Ardmoreite finished in first place in the categories of layout and design, advertising, sales promotion and community leadership, second place in editorial writing and third place in photography and news content adding up to a total of 600 points, beating out the Shawnee News-Star (a sister paper) by approximately 90 points to secure the win.

Individually, Ardmoreite reporters Drew Butler and Michael Smith were also recognized during the event. Butler finished first in the feature writing category while Smith finished third in in-depth reporting.

While we don’t work in the journalism/communications field for the awards or the accolades, the recognition does make it easier for us to continue to work the often long hours, weekends and holidays.

It’s often said that we are always on the clock, much to the chagrin of our family and friends, but we believe that the work we do is important, if not critical, to the health and well being of all southern Oklahoma residents.

We’d also like to take this time to recognize all our loyal readers and advertisers, your continued support allows us to do what we love to do. Your feedback helps us reevaluate our work and our product and constantly work toward improving the quality of both. Most importantly, your news tips help us stay on top of everything within our community. We can’t be everywhere all the time and every letter, email, phone call, text message, Facebook comment and message and office visit makes a difference. 

Thank you for subscribing, for reading and for advertising. Your support helps us to continue a legacy that is more than 125 years strong.