Dyer was more than just a mayor

The Daily Ardmoreite

The recent death of City of Ardmore Commissioner Martin Dyer delivered a devastating blow to Ardmore, and in more ways than one. 

Dyer was a friend to everyone he met and quite possibly the nicest person in town. More so, he was Ardmore’s biggest advocate and the hardest worker most of us will ever meet. 

What few may not know is that Dyer’s community involvement far exceeded his nearly 40 years on the city commission. His involvement spans generations, boards, fundraisers and community events. Even in his 90s, he still managed to leave an impression on the younger generations. 

From the evening he spent greeting guest at the Festival of Lights in sub-freezing temperatures to the countless hours he spent talking to anyone interested in the past, present and future of Ardmore, Dyer was never one to shirk from a commitment. 

He was a good man and truly one of Ardmore’s hidden gems; his excitement and his love for Ardmore is what always really stood out. 

Ardmore lost a leader, a friend and it’s biggest fan, but the legacy that Dyer leaves behind is one we can all take solace from.

Dyer's commitment and dedication to community was exemplary and he was the epitome of what an elected official should be.  

Though he was a commissioner and the mayor, Martin Dyer was never a politician. Sadly, this day of all days, the world needs more Martin Dyers, not less.