Digital landscape is ever evolving

The Daily Ardmoreite

You get what you pay for. It’s a pretty common phrase for the savvy shopper that can be critically applied to our interactions with content online, as well.

Readers may have noticed some changes on our website in recent weeks as The Ardmoreite continues to adapt to an ever-evolving news landscape. While print and digital subscribers will continue to have unlimited access to, those without subscriptions will continue to find themselves unable to view some content. 

Select readers may have fewer interactions with us on social media as they shed large platforms like Facebook and Twitter because of perceived infringements on free speech. The mass exodus of users from these networks coupled with recent changes underway on our own website make it a good time to remind readers that few things in a capitalist society are truly free of charge. 

Some media outlets incorporate a business model that allows them to provide news content at no charge to their audience. In order to provide high quality products to southern Oklahoma readers and businesses, we cannot adopt those models. 

We understand our role as the newspaper of record for the community is vital in many aspects, but we cannot fulfill that role without keeping our bills paid and paying our employees. Our relationship with the community is more than just the numbers. Our staff attends local churches, sends their kids to area schools and supports local businesses.  

We hope readers are equally mindful of the relationship between our community and social media. Whether you’re looking at the menu of a local restaurant or commenting on a post from The Ardmoreite, Facebook has become ubiquitous for anyone who uses the internet to find local information. 

Social media websites big and small may provide social platforms to their users free of charge but they still have to make make money, often through the advertising potential from personal information shared by those users. Whether users are active on major platforms or migrating to evolving platforms, we hope they are mindful about the true value exchanged while using social media and who is really profiting. 

For our readers who do not use social media, we will do our best to keep you informed in print and online. We hope that subscribers to and advertisers with The Ardmoreite have an enriching experience through our print product and digital presence on and social media.