Guest column: Getting to know Ardmore

The Daily Ardmoreite
John Credle, Jr is running for Ardmore City Commissioner in the Northeast Ward

My first full month as an Ardmore City Commissioner has begun a wonderful experience learning about some of the people and places that play an important role in keeping our city going. Many people are not aware that there are 13 parks in Ardmore. Teresa Ervin, (director of parks and recreations) along with Kevin Boatright (city manager) did a fantastic job giving me a tour of these parks and explaining the responsibility and challenges that come along with keeping these parks safe and clean for our families. Ms. Ervin also has oversight of our two city owned cemeteries. Therefore, I was also able to converse about questions citizens had concerning Clearview Cemetery. In addition, visiting the parks, on another day I also visited a facility many do not think about until there is a problem; the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The step-by-step process of this operation was as impressive as the dedicated people who work at this facility.  

I have often described the HFV Wilson Community Center as being the heart of Northeast Ardmore. Therefore, the “HFV” has become home to our town hall meetings. From 6 to 7 p.m., Thursday June 24, 2021, I will be hosting our first Northeast Town Hall Meeting at the HFV Wilson Community Center. As of July 1, 2021, the center will no longer be an entity of the City of Ardmore and will function as a “trust.”

Our guests for this town hall meeting will be the newly installed trustees of the HFV Wilson Center. The goal of this meeting is for our community to grasp a greater understanding of the functioning of a trust. Some of the questions we will be asking the trustees are:  What role (if any) does the city play? Who has ownership of the building? How will the new arrangement affect operations of the center? What is the mission and vision of the center? How is the center funded? Are donations needed and accepted? We also hope to take a few questions from the floor, but will keep it to a minimum in respect of time.

These town hall meetings are designed to inform and empower the residents of the Northeast community in an effort to make a difference and impact where we are living and raising our families. Be that as it may, any citizen of Ardmore is encouraged to attend. Building Tomorrow Together involves a work of unity and engagement that reaches beyond the tracks, from ward-to-ward.

— Rev. John-Alfred Credle Jr., M.Ed., M.Div. is the Senior Pastor at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church and represents Ardmore Commission Ward 2.