Guest column: Being pro-veteran doesn't stop after deployment

The Daily Ardmoreite

Dear editor,

The recent removal of troops from Afghanistan unfortunately ended in tragedy. 13 service members lost their lives. Here in Ardmore a local church decided to commemorate the tragedy with pictures and flags on their front lawn and the phrase “We Remember.”

But, do they? Truly? Nearly 7,000 veterans a year commit suicide. Additionally, thousands are homeless, jobless, and struggling. Locally, we have several disabled veterans who are homeless. And as a formerly homeless veteran, I understand well the struggles on the streets.

While I appreciate the church taking the time to do what they did. What I cannot stomach is how A LOT of local folks claim to be pro-veteran and then will literally turn around and spit on a homeless person or chase them from the park.. So, if you’re going to truly “remember” perhaps also remember those lost in PTSD, addiction, homelessness, and disability.

- Aiden Rushing, USCG Quartermaster Second Class, Retired