LTE: The unvaccinated are dragging the rest of us down

The Daily Ardmoreite

Dear editor,

I am appalled at the front page article on Thursday, Sept. 29 about the vaccination number of fully vaccinated people in Carter County at 36%. That means there are 64% of Carter County residents that are UN-vaccinated. We are about equal to a 3rd world country. That means that everywhere you go – to the supermarket, church, school or ballgames almost 65% of the people around you are UN-vaccinated. This is unacceptable.  

We will never get out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves unless people start using common sense and get the shot. All 3 if necessary. I got my booster yesterday. On Oct. 1, Friday the Associated Press (AP) article on page 5A stated that 90% of the population fully vaccinated with booster shots if necessary, is the National goal. Carter County will keep that goal from ever being reached.  

Why on earth do some people want to maybe kill everyone they come in contact with? Your rights end when your actions might kill me. This group of UN-citizens would have never won WWII, never eradicated smallpox or polio. Wimps never win anything.  

God gave you a brain and I’m sure he’s disappointed you are not using it! However, since the “very hairs on your head are numbered,” I’m sure he’s keeping track on how many you sicken and kill. Good luck on Judgement Day. It seems like almost 64% of the people in Carter County are 1 chromosome above cattle. Barely... 

This pervasive attitude is going to hurt business and growth in our county. How can it not? I am a 5th generation member of this county. My family came here in 1896 Indian Territory. I am saddened that we live among such squalor and ignorance. No one will lift a finger (or get a shot) to improve our situation. We deserve what we get! 


Madelon Byrd Croskell, age 83