Wolves pack All-Star selections

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Trey Parker, Cole Martin, and Dane Parker smile together while holding the 2019 District Champion plaque.

By Mallory Graves


On Thursday the Oklahoma Baseball Coaches Association released the names of the qualified athletes for the state’s All-State teams.

Three athletes from Davis High School were selected for the 2020 Class 3A West All-Star Team. Trey and Dane Parker were named to the All-Star team by class and Cole Martin was named to the state’s All-State team. These senior athletes were picked based off of their stats and work ethic up until the season was canceled by a group of selected coaches .

Davis coach Tylor Lampkin expressed pride in his now-former athletes.

“Even though this is only my third year of coaching them, I have known these three guys for a long time now. I was actually a Davis graduate, and the Parker’s dad coached me when I was in school, so I’ve pretty much known them since they were born. Trey, Dane, and Cole are all three hard-working young men. I would say that the twins are not as vocal as Cole is, but they definitely make up for it by their strong work ethic. Cole is just a little bit more verbal on the leadership side. That is just his personality. I couldn’t ask for three better kids to lead the team for sure. They represented not only Davis baseball, but the Davis community as a whole, really well. I am proud of them.”

Excitement filled the room when the ballplayers were notified of their selections.

“I thought it was pretty neat that when I called the boys to tell them that they made it, they were all with each other already, and they put me on speaker phone and I just told them at the same time,” said Lampkin. “They were equally and genuinely happy for each other, which was pretty neat. I think they realized how big of an accomplishment it was, especially not getting to finish their senior year.”

Cole Martin, Davis senior said, “I found out that I was a part of the All-State Team when my coach, Tylor Lampkin, called me and told me. I immediately started crying, because this entire year has not been a good one. I broke my ankle in the second week of football, and never got to fully come back and play. That followed over to basketball season, and I was never 100% on my ankle during that time, either. When baseball came around, I was finally better and was excited to start the year off right until the coronavirus canceled the rest of our spring season, leaving us only getting to play four games. The entire year just hit me when I heard that I was an All-Stater and so all I could do was cry and thank God for allowing it to happen.”

Trey Parker, Davis senior, said, “My brother Dane and my friend Cole were in my room when our baseball coach, Coach Tylor Lampkin, called us and told us of the good news and congratulated all three of us on making the All-State team. I was very excited and went to tell my dad.”

Though their senior spring season was cut short, ending high hopes for a run at a state title.

“I felt really bad for them, because we really thought this was going to be the year that we would make it to the state tournament with the five seniors that we had, and making it to a regional final,” said Lampkin. “We thought we had a pretty good chance at making a solid run at the state tournament. We started the year off 4-0, but we got shut down after that. I think they took it for what it was and understood that it’s a different time that we’re living in right now. I just hope they appreciated that we got to play the four games that we did.”

“The virus has taken away most of my senior year such as prom and baseball season. I am just blessed that my friends and family are healthy,” Dane Parker, Davis senior, said. “The COVID-19 took away something special to me; my entire senior baseball season besides the first four games. It was devastating to me and took a while to actually accept the fact that the season was over.”

Not everyone gets a built-in best friend and even less get selected for an All-Star team with them.

“I definitely think having a twin brother that plays the same sports as me has given us an advantage because of our connection. We can always practice together and we’ve always had a great friendship on and off the field. It is like we are the same person in two different bodies. We think the same and act the same. Our skill set has always pretty much been the same as well. It’s pretty much having a best friend that is exactly like you.

Best friends often know each other best.

“Even though the Parker brothers are identical, it is not hard for me to tell them apart,” said Martin. “Just by looking at them, I can tell who’s who. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten, so it makes it pretty easy for me.”