Davis named to Class 4-A All-Star team

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The Daily Ardmoreite
Layne Davis, Plainview High School senior, prepares to deliver a pitch.

By Mallory Graves


Plainview senior Layne Davis was recently named to the Class 4A West All-Star team, the only baseball player from Plainview on the list.

“To be a part of this is such a huge accomplishment and it validates how much hard work I’ve put in over the years. I had pretty high emotions when I found out because I knew it was a big accomplishment,” Davis said. “The first people I told were my parents and they were really proud of me.”

Davis stays calm under pressure.

“When I’m on the mound, I just live for the big moments,” said Davis. “Most people struggle when the tension rises, but I love everything about it. I also enjoy pitching against the best teams that we play, because of the adrenaline rush.”

Great things are done by a group of people.

“I like being a part of team sports because I love competing with my brothers,” said Davis. “We all have each other’s back under any circumstance.”

Davis is thankful for all the help that his family has given him.

“My dad has taken me to countless practices and games growing up. He coached me in little league from when I started playing baseball when I was five years old, all the way until I got to middle school,” said Davis.

Baseball can teach more than just skills for the game, but life lessons as well.

“I feel like I excel in baseball,” said Davis. “It is a fun sport and it helped me be more flexible and persistent. What I mean by that is, you have to be ready for change and not give up when the going gets tough. I believe that this sport has also taught me to appreciate the moment.”

Plainview coach Ryan Luhmann was honored that one of his own athletes made the 2020 All-Star baseball team.

“Even though last year was only my second year being the head baseball coach at Plainview, I have known Layne for about 10 years since his older brother played for us,” said Luhmann. “I am super proud of Layne and proud to have been a part of this. I have been coaching and working with him since he was in about fifth or sixth grade through lessons on the side, just getting to know him. It’s a great accomplishment for him, and I know he’s worked his tail off to get there.”

Cancellation of spring sports leads to heavy-hearted senior athletes and coaches.

“I know that Layne and all the other guys are really disappointed and I am as well. We had a chance to have a great year; to build on our steps that we made from last year. We were looking forward to making a run to the state tournament, but unfortunately, there’s some situations in life that are out of your control, and we as a team, just had to swallow it and move on.”

“I’m upset that our season got canceled, because I know we had a really good chance of going to the state tournament in baseball this year. Our team had the talent and the attitudes to win,” said Davis.

Though the Plainview baseball program didn’t get to finish their season, they were off to a great start.

“We were blessed that we got to play six games and our record was 4-2,” said Luhmann. “Layne has a strong work ethic and just does what he needs to do and more most of the time. He has been working all off-season to improve his pitching skills and increase his velocity. He has been a starting pitcher on the mound for us for three years and helped us get our record last year, which was 11-1. It was a great season no matter what level you’re playing on, and he was looking to build on that this year until we got cut-off, but he was already making moves to improve on his season from last year.”