Davis' Eggleston headed to Connors State

Beau Bearden

Gracie Eggleston had a difficult choice to make. Would the Davis High School senior continue her softball career at Connors State College or Seminole State College?

Eggleston heard many great things about both schools, but ultimately decided on Connors State College.

“I know a lot of great athletes that have gone to Seminole State, but it just didn't feel right for me,” Eggleston said. “I chose Connors State because I knew I fit right in and found another family. The coaches and players instantly made me feel like I was a part of the team from the first time I went to a camp. Connors State just feels like home.”

And it’s not surprising that Eggleston picked a school where she’ll feel like family. That’s been the theme of her time with the Lady Wolves, where she’s created a number of close relationships.

“I will miss the bonds and friendships I have made with players and the coaches throughout the years,” Eggleston said. “I loved getting to play this sport with the best girls around, having the most fun and making memories that I will remember and cherish forever.”

Davis' Gracie Eggleston waits for a pitch during her senior year.

Eggleston will likely make more friends and create new memories in Warner. She'll also have to adjust to playing at the next level, but she feels like her time at Davis will help make that transition easier.

“I think my leadership skills will help me the most,” Eggleston said. “I had to learn how to be a leader as a young freshman catcher. As well as my knowledge of the game. I have played softball my whole life, so I feel as if I am always thinking one or two plays, pitches ahead.”

However, she didn't have a short journey to get where she is today.  Eggleston started playing softball at five or six years old and then began playing tournament ball once she was old enough.

“I have worked very hard to be the player I am today,” Eggleston said. “We have spent many weekends at the softball fields, many long practices, and I have had many, many hard after-game talks with coaches and my parents. All these things have gotten me where I am today. So I feel accomplished and it was very rewarding knowing I have met my goal that I set when I was a young player.”

And one coach was right beside her during the past four seasons. Tylor Lampkin took over as Davis head coach during Eggleston’s freshman year and he's played a big role in her development.

“From the first time we met, he knew playing college softball was my goal and he was going to make sure I got there — no matter what,” Eggleston said. “He has taught me to be a leader and a good teammate. We don't see eye to eye all of the time — we're too much alike — but he is an amazing coach who has pushed me to always do my best. He always told me to forget about the last play and just leave it all on the field. I will forever remember that.”