Lady Indians, Indians tally wins at Comet Holiday Classic

Mallory Graves

The Marietta High School girls basketball team succeeded over Dickson JV by a score of 52-19 in the first round of the Comet Holiday Classic.

Kaiya Douglass, a junior, was the highest scorer of the game, racking up 13 points, while classmate Toriauna Douglass scored 11.

“It was a group effort after the first quarter,” said Marietta head coach Tory Douglass. “During the first quarter, we didn’t look too good. We came out sluggish like we have been in the last couple of games, then we finally picked it up. They’re still pretty young, but we just have to learn how to play hard from the beginning to the end of the game.”

Douglass pointed out things that can be improved on for the next game.

“We’re still passing up a lot of shots,” she said. “We do really well ripping and getting to the basket, but then when we get there instead of the layup or taking a shot, we always look to pass it. I really think they just need more confidence in themselves.”

Coach Douglass is grateful to be on the court in chaotic times like this.

“I’m glad we’re playing,” she said. “With everything going on, I’m just happy we get to show out and compete. I hope we can continue to get better throughout the season.”


Marietta 59, Wynnewood 44

At Dickson, the Savages were no match for the Indians during the Comet Holiday Classic as Marietta secured a 59-44 win in a very fast-paced game.

There were many players during this game that contributed to the Indian’s success. Marietta senior Garrett Morgan was the highest scorer of the game with 11 points. Easton Hartman, Alex Amaya and Keshawn Douglass each added 10 points.

“It felt good that we won today’s game, but we have a lot of things we have to work on,” said Marietta head coach William Pryor. “If we’re going to go any further in the tournament, we definitely need to work on our rebounding offensively and defensively. We also need to slow down when we’re running the ball and pass the ball more when we’re in offense.”

Pryor felt as if Morgan helped lead the team to victory today.

“I felt like Morgan finally got it going and he’s very important to us,” Pryor said. “He’s a great leader and he’s very special to us. He’s been struggling a little bit, but today I witnessed him get his game back. So I was pretty happy to see that.”

The team played hard and Pryor was very proud of them all.

“As a collective group of seniors when I put them all in, they work hard,” he said. “We have about 13 seniors and they are very unselfish. We don’t have a whole lot of height, but at the same time, I think we are strong enough to where it won’t bother us if we just keep the focus up.”

Marietta will play against the OKC Knights at 2 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18 in the semifinals of the Holiday Classic.