Column: Get to know your Ardmoreite sports editor

Beau Bearden
The Daily Ardmoreite

Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places and that was the case when I was hired as the sports editor at the Ardmoreite. I had never stepped foot in Oklahoma until I moved to town last week and it's been a whirlwind ever since. 

But I hope that I can quickly adjust and provide content that readers are eager to read. That’s always been my goal since I began writing as a freshman at Summerville High School in the small town of Tuolumne, California.

That was just the beginning of a journey that led me to four years of crafting my skills for the Daily Aztec at San Diego State University. Following a short break from writing, I landed my first real sports reporter job at the Hobbs News-Sun in New Mexico and spent about a year and a half there. 

The experience was worthwhile and helped me land a more challenging sports editor/reporter role at the Kingman Miner in Arizona where I was for the past three years.

And continuing to test myself was what led me to The Ardmoreite, where I’ll take on a lot more responsibility and provide high school sports coverage that you, the readers, can be proud of. 

I've always strived to make sure each school receives equal treatment and that won't change at The Ardmoreite.

So if there are any recommendations or tips from readers, coaches or athletes, feel free to reach out to me at and I'll do my best to make improvements or help provide more coverage.

However, I feel I can bring a lot to the table due to my previous experience in Kingman. I not only made the three-hour trips to Phoenix to write articles about the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks, but I also made the much longer trek to Los Angeles twice for Games 2 and 7 of the 2017 World Series. 

As a San Francisco Giants fan, it was great to see the Dodgers lose to the Houston Astros even if they might have cheated to take home the title. 

But I’ll get back to what matters in these pages and that’s Oklahoma sports. I’ve quickly learned of everyone's love for football, especially the Sooners and the Cowboys — both teams. It doesn’t take much exploring to see the OU and OSU T-shirts at Walmart or the Sooners and Cowboys license plates as you drive around the area.

And one of my good friends from San Diego, Michael Bynum, left me some good advice on social media about OU – “Write nice about Lincoln Riley and everyone will love you.”

Those are words I will take to heart, even though I will be spending most of my time covering high school athletics. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to make the trek up to Norman and write about the Sooners. I’ll just have to wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to subside before that happens. 

With that said, I’m also looking forward to driving the short distance to Texas Motor Speedway to provide you with NASCAR coverage. I grew up as a Dale Earnhardt fan and shed a smile when I saw “Dale Earnhardt Way” during my drive on Interstate 35W.

Hopefully if all goes to plan, I’ll be attending a race in Texas very soon as a reporter or fan. 

But at the end of the day, my No. 1 priority is high school sports and I promise the readers that I will provide the very best coverage for the athletes as they compete in such uncertain times.