Wolves focus on team-first mentality in 2020

Beau Bearden

Most squads set objectives for the season and hope they can be met, but sometimes there is a better route. The Davis High School football team is going in that direction as it will emphasize the things it can control during the 2020 season.  

“Our expectations are that we get as much out of each other as we can,” said Wolves head coach Greg Parker. “I really don’t think about expectations. We want to win, obviously. But it’s the things that enable you to win that we’re focused on. And doing things right, being together and working as hard as we can towards a common goal.” 

Davis is already on its way to meeting that objective, with one of this group’s biggest strengths being its willingness to do whatever it takes.  

Parker believes that it’s this group’s strength, but it doesn’t end there. 

“They work extremely hard and they’re easy to be around,” he said. “They like one another. We’re wearing masks in our fieldhouse and we have to run them out after practice. The kids take their shower, get their masks back on and they want to hang out. They’re really close and they like to be around one another. And that’s important.” 

The tight-knit bond will be crucial for a Wolves team that lost 13 seniors from 2019. But as is the case for any team, it’s the next man up and this year’s senior class is expected to take the reins with ease. 

“We’ve got really good leadership out of our seniors,” Parker said. “They had a great summer. They’re really good friends, good to the younger kids and just great kids. We have so many that I’d hate mentioning names because I would leave somebody out.” 

The no-name route was also used when Parker was asked who he thinks will step up and make an impact this season.  

“We’re expecting several of them to have a breakout year because of the work that they put in,” he said. “We’ve been around them since they were seventh graders and we know what kind of football players they are. I think that we have a lot of kids on our football team that if they’re willing to do what it takes to get better every day, that it’s going to show up on Friday nights. And it’ll definitely show up at the end of the season.” 

But every year is different than the year before and Parker and every coach across America knows that much is true. For the Wolves, the focus is on improving in areas that can be controlled. 

“It’s a different team. It has different leaders,” Parker said. “And we just have to make sure we pull closer together as a team and work on getting better each day” 

That journey started with summer practice, but the Wolves’ first test will be a trip to Pauls Valley at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4. 

“Right now, we’re looking at us,” Parker said. “We’re not concerned with Pauls Valley yet, but before Week 1 we’ll focus in and circle Pauls Valley and that’ll be our focus until Week 2.”