Tigers won't host Capitol Hill due to forfeit

Beau Bearden

No one enjoys an unexpected phone call, especially when it’s about bad news. The Ardmore High School football team experienced that misfortunate Monday morning as Capitol Hill called and forfeited Thursday’s district contest in Ardmore due to eligibility issues.

“We got that surprise phone call today that (Capitol Hill) didn’t have enough kids to play,” said Tigers head coach Josh Newby. “Our kids are disappointed because we’re going to eventually be on Week 8 with only three ball games (played). It’s just an unfortunate deal.”

The only positive for Ardmore is the forfeit awards a district victory plus 15 points. Newby said the Tigers would rather play, but it’s the situation they’re in right now.

Ardmore thought Capitol Hill would make the trek to town when Newby called last week, but the situation changed and now the game won’t take place.

The contest was also supposed to be a Pink Out game, but that’s now on the backburner until Newby hears word from Ardmore’s superintendent.

There was also a chance the Tigers could make up another district contest it missed a few weeks ago, but that isn’t possible.

“I’d really like to play someone, but right now Altus, the other opponent that we missed, has a Southeast game,” Newby said. “So there’s no one in the district to play (this week). I’m going to make some phone calls (Tuesday) morning, but I can’t guarantee anything right now.”

But if there’s no opponent this week, Ardmore can use the extra time to learn from its 35-28 loss last week at Duncan.

“It’s tough, (but) you have to give credit to Duncan,” Newby said. “They executed their plan really well and their coach did a really good job with them. We watched the film and our kids have learned from it. They still have great attitudes and we’re going back to work.”