Soggy weather next week could lead to isolated flooding

Michael D. Smith
The Daily Ardmoreite

Weather for much of early next week will include a persistent threat of severe weather and several inches of rain. Large hail, strong winds and even the possibility of a tornado can be expected through at least Wednesday, and localized flooding is possible as rounds of rain move through the area for several days. 

An active weather period will begin Sunday and continue through next week. Periods of thunderstorms with heavy rainfall could bring flooding.

National Weather Service forecasts indicate an 80% chance of rain Sunday to begin an extremely soggy week. Most severe threats remain to the west of Carter County through at least Wednesday where hail could be the size of golf balls and winds could gust up to 70 mph, according to a hazardous weather outlook on Saturday. 

“It is possible that they could sustain that far east. Usually by that time, once the evolution happens later in the night and the storms move east, it’s more of a damaging wind threat,” said Randy Bowers, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Norman. 

“That seems to be the pattern where the Texas/Oklahoma panhandles, southwest Kansas, they see the initial development during the afternoons then each night the storms consolidate and move eastward into western Oklahoma. And that’s where the threat is the highest, and they continue to weaken as they move eastward.” 

Despite the threat of severe weather lower in south-central Oklahoma, Bowers warned that severe weather, including a tornado, cannot be completely ruled out as rounds of storms move through the state next week. He said cold weather is likely gone for the season and that next week’s forecasts are indicative of typical weather patterns for this time of year. 

The highest threat for severe weather will remain west of Ardmore early next week, but forecasters warn that heavy rain associated with storms could result in localized flooding.

Perhaps the biggest threat to Carter County will be in rainfall amounts as waves of rain are expected through at least Friday. Bowers expects the rain to have an impact on drought conditions that have lingered since late last year but warned some areas could experience flooding as a result. 

“it may be somewhere in the four to eight inch range, if you were to average it out across the entire area there in south-central Oklahoma,” Bowers said of expected rainfall totals through Wednesday. “It may end up being less than that and it could locally in some areas be a little bit higher than that.”